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Esseoquattro Spa is an Italian company run by women that manufactures packaging for fresh food. For over 40 years we have been offering innovative products, tested to safeguard consumer health, technologically advanced to facilitate the consumption of foods that are fresh and environmentally friendly.


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Bagvertising is targeted, effective, profitable

By personalising bags you can increase the popularity and penetration of your brand, making it more memorable, and you can have targeted advertising campaigns for the launch and positioning of your new products.


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Restart with Esseoquattro Food Delivery line!

The new consumer habits that matured during Covid-19 emergency are consolidating and for many consumers they are becoming indispensable. According to the focus created by the Just East Italian observatory, over 90% of interviewed sample, stated that food delivery represented an important or essential service during the emergency and almost 60% of questioned Italians ordered food to be delivered at