‘In our factory, we don’t produce packaging, but rather dopamine activators*’
- Rose Team

* Dopamine is known for its functions related to pleasure and reward pursuit

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Our innovative enterprise

Esseoquattro Spa is an Italian company run by women that manufactures packaging for fresh food. For over 40 years we have been offering innovative products, tested to safeguard consumer health, technologically advanced to facilitate the consumption of foods that are fresh and environmentally friendly.


Our products

Bagvertising is targeted, effective, profitable

By personalising bags you can increase the popularity and penetration of your brand, making it more memorable, and you can have targeted advertising campaigns for the launch and positioning of your new products.


Latest news

The Olà Cone triumphs at Snacking D’Or 2024

Oops!… We did it again! Winning is not easy and repeating yourself is even harder, but we did it! For the second year in a row, Esseoquattro has won the prestigious international award Snacking d’Or by France Snacking. This year we were awarded the Prix Spécial du Jury, in the Emballages category for our practical Olà Cone with The Rose

Bag 19 wins Pépites de la Boulangerie 2023

Bag 19 Ideabrill is a packaging product worth a gold medal! Indeed, it won the prestigious “Prix spécial du jury non-alimentaire” award, at the event  Les Pépites de la Boulangerie 2023. The results of the fourth edition of the event, sponsored by French magazine Honoré le Mag and organized in collaboration with CEBP (Cercle d’Etudes de Boulangerie Pâtisserie) and FEB