Paniké is the single-use packaging of the year!

It’s official – our Paniké Olà has won the prestigious 2023 Snacking d’Or award, which every year celebrates the world’s most innovative fast food catering products and equipment.

The award was presented on Wednesday, 12 April at the Sandwich&Snack Show in Paris, an international event dedicated to Food Away From Home and Street Food professionals.

Our Marketing Specialist, Leticia Miranda, and Anna Bianco, Sales Representative, took to the stage to accept this prestigious award on behalf of the entire Rose Team.

“Receiving such a prestigious award makes us very proud, and is also an incentive for us to improve further, because one of our main goals is to offer ever greater guarantees of food safety. for this important achievement I have to thank the entire Rose Team and, above all, our Research and Product Development Department, which, thanks to its valuable work, aims to make consumers’ lives easier”, commented Silvia Ortolani, Esseoquattro Sales Director

Take care of your customers, all of them

Paniké is a special grease-proof bag, which, when used correctly, can prevent cross contamination of food cooked on a grill.

The properties of this grease-proof material effectively prevent the transfer of organic substances from the food to the cooking surface and vice versa, even under the severe conditions of pressure, rough texture and high temperature typical of cooking on a grill.

Packaging at the service of the consumer

Paniké thus proves to be a customer-oriented packaging product capable of guaranteeing food safety and offering further benefits to the consumer. In addition to cooking on the grill (up to 220°C for up to 5 minutes), the bag is indeed suitable for cooking and reheating food also in traditional ovens (up to 150° C for 20 minutes) and in microwave ovens (up to 600W for 2 minutes) – a feature particularly useful for take-away and delivery services. What’s more, the use of the practical “sandwich holder,” also saves the plate from getting dirty, thus making the caterer’s job easier and the service faster.

Less bulky, more sustainable

Paniké is a single-material paper packaging product made from PEFC-certified raw material (PEFC/18-31-452), sourced exclusively from sustainably-managed forests, from both an environmental and social viewpoint.

It is a highly flexible packaging product and can replace Styrofoam trays when there are no liquids, resulting in a reduction in volumes throughout the supply chain.

And finally, at the end of its useful life, it can be recycled along with paper.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to try out Paniké at your bar or restaurant!