Environmentally Sustainable Packaging Our products

Being a packaging manufacturer today comes with a specific responsibility: the protection of the environment, because at the end of its life cycle every packaging is destined to become waste to be disposed of.

For this reason, in the last 10 years we have focused on designing our product lines not only from the point of view of technological innovation, but also of sustainability.

There is a long way to go and we still have a few pieces to work out, but we know exactly where we need to get and we are all working together to achieve it as soon as possible.

Esseoquattro has expressly embraced consumer transparency and that is why every product sheet contains its composition and the most appropriate method for its  correct disposal, in light of current knowledge.

Our R&D team is constantly working to find the best technologies to make all our products sustainable.

How does an eco-friendly Esseoquattro packaging come into being?

Suppliers: It all starts with them

To make excellent products it is essential to start from excellent raw materials: we selected our partners over thirty years ago, and we’re not going to leave them for anything in the world.
They are PEFC (PEFC/18-31-452) or FSC (FSC-C113392) certified and they can guarantee an environmentally friendly production process.

To learn more about these certifications check out our FAQs about PEFC and FSC.

The choices you make show who you are

It was 2007: our brands Flexpar and Superpar were very popular when we chose to discontinue the production of wax paper because of its high environmental impact

You can always improve

The basic components of Ideabrill, paper and treated film, can be easily separated to facilitate recycling and fully recover both.

In some cases it can substitute bulky products such as plastic containers and styrofoam trays, reducing the amount of transport and the volume of waste that is generated at the end of products’ life cycle.

More infrastructure, less print paper

We’re currently optimising all our internal processes so as to use less and less paper both in our offices and in the production process.
In addition, all construction or renovation works at our plant are informed by sustainability principles.
Our eco-friendly, 100% recyclable linoleum flooring is produced from natural, renewable materials and meets all the most important environmental certifications, and our lightbulbs are class A energy-efficient lamps: from the choice of materials to lighting, we have left nothing to chance – everything is a way to show our love for the environment.

Informing is loving

Each of our packaging has clear information on how and where you can dispose of it.
We have chosen to use the European unique identifier codes to use the same language for everyone.

Let’s start from the little ones

Children are our future and the future of our planet is in their hands.
Our generation has a responsibility to leave them a liveable world, but also to teach the men and women of tomorrow to respect it, so that they can adopt an increasingly sustainable lifestyle and pass it on when it’s their turn.
For this reason we have produced a cartoon to use with activities addressed to children, so that through play they may learn the importance of recycling and how their contribution is important for the well-being of the whole planet.