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The Freshpreserver Bag Plus is the most resistant bag in the Ideabrill range, able to trap liquids and odours inside in total safety.
It was designed in response to the needs of butchers and fish shops, which it can meet in every respect.

Ideabrill Freshpreserver Bag Plus is super resistant

Ideabrill Freshpreserver Bag Plus is made of wet-resistant pure long-fibre kraft pulp, which can be handled with wet hands without deteriorating. The paper is coated with a hdt 12 film, treated according to the special Ideabrill formula to maximize its fresh-preserving properties.
In addition, in order to increase its resistance, every part of the Freshpreserver Bag Plus is heat-sealed.
All of these features make it the ideal packaging for fish and particularly heavy, blood-rich and bone-in meat cuts.

Heat-seal the Freshpreserver Bag Plus: it keeps the temperature, it keeps the freshness

Instead of folding and closing the Freshpreserver Bag with a label, you can close it with a heat sealer in just 1.2 seconds, guaranteeing freshness and total hygiene for your customers.

You can count on it: once you have sealed the bag, not a drop will be spilled from the shop to the fridge, and the temperature inside the bag will remain constant for about an hour, maintaining the ideal conditions for the preservation of the food.

This feature becomes an additional product advantage if you have a delicatessen/prepared food section, since the cooked food will arrive at destination still warm and ready to be served.

Ideabrill Freshpreserver Bag Plus is also ideal for storing food at home, because it is suitable for the fridge and freezer.

Ideabrill Freshpreserver Bag Plus also available as a Maxi Bag

Ideabrill is suitable for direct contact with food: you can package foods directly in the Freshpreserver Bag Plus, or use it as a maxi bag to hold many individually packaged varieties, making the work of your deli clerks easier and faster.

Ideabrill Freshpreserver Bag Plus and the environment

In line with our corporate green philosophy, we designed the Ideabrill Freshpreserver Bag Plus to facilitate the separation of its components.
Watch the video to find out how simple it is.

Suggested Uses


Ideabrill’s fresh-preserving formula inhibits the growth of biogenic amines in the meat and maintains its pH for 7 days, preserving it perfectly.

The wet-resistant, pure long-fibre kraft pulp makes Freshpreserver Bag Plus the ideal packaging for particularly heavy, blood-rich and bone-in meat cuts.


The Freshpreserver Bag Plus is the ideal bag for fish because it can trap liquids and odours inside; the heat seal guarantees maximum hygiene.

It’s made of wet-resistant kraft and can be handled with wet hands without deteriorating.

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