Food quality and safety

The concept of quality is at the core of Esseoquattro and for this reason our company has a structure able to respond quickly to the requests of a demanding, constantly evolving market.

For Esseoquattro, the term quality synthesises fundamental concepts such as value given to human capital, qualification and monitoring of suppliers, respect of current legislation, market transparency, traceability, sustainability and good manufacturing practices.

Valuing human capital

The capital of competence and experience gained over the years by the people who make and contribute to our team every day is the true wealth of our company: promoting it by making it available to our customers is the first, indispensable step to make the concept of quality real.

From suppliers to partners

The excellence of the Esseoquattro products and the optimisation of production processes is only possible if our suppliers share our calling to quality: for this reason they have been carefully selected over the years, gradually transforming from mere suppliers of raw materials to true partners that are constantly involved in the evolution of our products.

Always for the protection of the consumer

In the world of food packaging, the premise for a quality product is the consumer protection. Esseoquattro guarantees it not only by scrupulously respecting all the current regulations on production processes and the use of raw materials and additives, but also by constantly reviewing its operations to ensure continuous improvement. We can thus say that SO4 products are always a safety guarantee for the consumer.

Transparency for our customers

Our confidence in the quality of our products is total: we offer our customers complete and exhaustive technical specifications and declarations of food conformity; in this way customers are informed on the characteristics of the packaging and on its performance, and can rest assured that they will be able to choose the perfect product for their needs from a wide range.


Every item produced by Esseoquattro is traceable; at any time it is possible to know its history, from the raw materials used, to the process employed, to production and delivery dates, and be sure that it will always be a story rooted in quality.


Esseoquattro is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, which attests its compliance with rules and guidelines for a quality management system, which targets business processes so as to improve effectiveness and efficiency in product manufacturing and service provision, and to achieve and increase customer satisfaction.


Environmental protection is a necessity that cannot and must not be ignored: for this reason, our packaging is designed to reduce environmental impact as much as possible throughout its life cycle.
Paper, the main raw material used to manufacture Esseoquattro products, enters our production cycle only if certified.

FSCChain of Custody certification guarantees that the cellulose we use for our certified production comes from certified forests and other controlled sources.

Thanks to the PEFC Chain of Custody certification, we can be sure that the certified production of our packaging is supporting sustainably managed forests globally.

GMP: Good Manufacturing Practices

Esseoquattro has absorbed the indications of the European Regulation on good manufacturing practices for products intended for the food industry, adopting strict rules and procedures for the management of food quality and safety.

A key aspect of GMP is that they will help to improve awareness of the company’s actions and interventions by increasing staff involvement; this approach is consistent with Esseoquattro quality policy, which aims for constant improvement.

The aim of Esseoquattro is to find the perfect balance between product characteristics, efficiency of production systems, and eco-sustainability, consistently guaranteeing consumer safety and customer satisfaction.