Sacchetti personalizzabili promozionali per bagvertising

Bagvertising, a winning solution

From a strategic point of view, packaging is an effective vehicle to popularise your brand and convey a promotional message.

Bagvertising is a form of non-conventional advertising: by personalising your bags you can increase the popularity and penetration of your brand, making it more memorable, and you can have targeted advertising campaigns for the launch and positioning of your new products.

Whether your product is fresh food or belongs to a non-food category, Esseoquattro can offer you high quality media and the most effective strategy to run your bagvertising campaign.

The strategic advantages of the advertising bag

Bagvertising brings strategic advantages compared to conventional media, which result in a greater ROI than a traditional advertising campaign.
With Esseoquattro packaging, these advantages are further amplified.

Preserve the quality of your fresh product

For the food industry, the fresh-preserving properties of the Ideabrill range are a major advantage, because they maintain your product’s quality standards in terms of taste, texture and aroma through to the consumer’s table and through to the last bite.

Add value to your products

For your advertising bag Esseoquattro offers you Ideabrill Freshpreserver and Olà Greaseproof products: the highest quality packaging, functional and high-performing with fresh food, but also stylish and eco-friendly.

By associating your product with a patented packaging such as IdeabrillⓇ or a high-performing one such as Olà, you add value to it and qualify it.

Communicate your corporate values: let everyone know how eco-friendly you are

The topic of eco-sustainability is increasingly perceived as a necessity by consumers, and by associating your brand to truly eco-friendly packaging elevates the perception of your brand among your target audience.

Communicate directly to your target

With advertising packaging you accurately reach your target, and can be sure that the message you want to convey reaches its destination loud and clear.

In addition, with Bagvertising you can run geolocalised campaigns, limiting its scope and optimising your ROI.

Thanks to Esseoquattro’s distribution network, your presence will be ubiquitous throughout your target areas, with the distribution of promotional bags in small- and large-scale retail channels.

Maximise the duration of your campaign

Thanks to its fresh-preserver formula, Ideabrill maintains the sensory qualities of the product longer than traditional packaging, increasing its shelf-life.
Ideabrill is suitable to store food in the fridge and the freezer, and therefore offers an added service to the consumer, who may use and reuse it beyond the shelf life of its original contents; in this way, the duration of the campaign can be maximised.Compared to the average Bagvertising campaign duration (three weeks), the Ideabrill advertising bag will remain in consumers’ homes for much longer and will be seen many more times: just think of how often we open the fridge or the freezer every day!

Some examples

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