Paniké is a finalist for the Best Packaging Awards 2022

This special sandwich bag, which prevents cross-contamination in food, is entering the final stages of this prestigious competition promoted by Istituto Italiano Imballaggio (Italian Institute for Packaging).


Coeliac disease is the most common food intolerance in Italy. It is estimated that 1% of the population is affected by it.

It’s an inflammatory bowel disease caused by gluten-containing food consumption. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye – and thus in various common food, mostly in the Mediterranean diet, such as pizza, pasta, bread.

Since these types of food are very common, a daily – and in itself extremely easy – activity such as having a meal is turned into a very difficult and dangerous operation for all those who are affected by this pathology.

This is even truer when it comes to a fast meal, since cooking methods such as electric grills, which facilitate cross-contamination in food, are used in these cases.

‘One of the goals we have been tenaciously pursuing since forever is to pick up our consumers’ needs – and even anticipate them in some cases. It is a source of pride for us to succeed in providing food-safety guarantees, in particular for people who need more attention. That’s why our Rose Team could only roll up their sleeves and search for a solution in the face of such a big discomfort’ Silvia Ortolani, Sales Director, Esseoquattro.

Rose Team’s Solution

The Paniké Bag in Olà paper prevents cross-contamination in food cooked on an electric grill, thus guaranteeing a safe meal for people with coeliac disease too.

The technical characteristics of this grease-proof packaging effectively prevent organic matter found in food from migrating toward the cooking surface and vice-versa – even in demanding conditions in terms of pressure, rough surface, and high temperature, which are typical of electric grill cooking.

Laboratory tests performed by Food Contact Center Srl showed indeed that – thanks to Paniké – it is possible to use the same electric grill to cook both gluten-free and gluten-containing food.

Paniké makes all the difference

Paniké is confirmed as a customer-oriented packaging that can guarantee food safety and provide consumers with extra services.

Other than electric grill cooking (up to 220 °C for 5’), this bag is also suitable for food cooking and heating in a conventional oven (up to 150 °C for 20’) and a microwave oven (up to 600w for 2’) – this characteristic is particularly useful for take-away and delivery service.

Moreover, it is a sustainable packaging, for it is made through a PEFC-certified production chain (PEFC/18-31-452) – from the raw material coming exclusively from responsibly managed forests, both socially and environmentally.

Paniké can also replace polystyrene plastic trays, and it is thrown in the recycling bin for paper at the end of its cycle of use.

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