Food Lover: a graphic design that goes against all stereotypes and creates emotions

The new “Food Lover” design comes from the creativity of Esseoquattro’s Graphic Department. It is a colour explosion that breaks the rules. It invites to live life to the fullest, to enjoy every moment by eating well and by accepting yourself as you are because everyone real’s beauty lies in its own uniqueness.  

The message behind Food Lover is: food is not just nutriment; food is the taste of happiness.  

When we want to make a person happy, we cook them their favourite dish; when we want to cheer up in a moment of discouragement, we eat a piece of chocolate; to reward our kids, we gift them an ice-cream; to celebrate important moments, we gather together with our loved ones and eat together.

This is the power of food: to create emotions, moments of sharing, new memories and these are the hidden messages behind the words Food Lover, written on paper and bags in four different languages

The choice of colours was designed to stimulate an emotional response in the viewer: the three primary colours combine together to generate new ones, just as diversity and confrontation generate the most articulated ideas and projects. 

The graphics represented on the front side of the bags, different for each size, send out a message against all stereotypes: beauty lies in the characteristics that make every woman and every man unique and they are an invitation to accept ourselves as we are, with our own shapes.

On the backside of the bags, a yellow circle has been purposely designed to allow the customization of the packaging by inserting the customer’s logo.

“First and foremost, Food Lover is an explosion of creativity that has been designed by our Graphic Department, but it is also a way of spreading those messages that we take to heart: the importance of a healthy nutrition, the physical and mental well-being and the self-love that represents the first and essential step in loving others too. Food Lover is dedicated to those who choose to live their life in colours”. 

Silvia Ortolani, Sales Director of Esseoquattro. 

Sustainable and high-performing packaging

Food Lover preserves different types of food in the best possible way, naturally and safely, without altering the flavour of it. Furthermore, it meets the needs of operators of different sectors as it simplifies and facilitates their work. Food Lover line includes:

  • Ideabrill Freshpreserver bags and wrapping paper sheets, an innovative packaging method that thanks to the patented formula preserves the freshness of food for longer time than a traditional packaging, avoiding food waste. Its basic components – treated film and paper – are easily separable to be recycled with plastics and paper.
  • Olà greaseproof bags and paper are suggested for fried and greasy foods. This packaging doesn’t let the oil go through and it keeps the food crispy and fragrant until the last bite. With Olà it is possible to warm up the food directly in a traditional oven, in the microwave, or on an electric hotplate. No more stains or greasy hands! 

Besides, Food Lover is a flexible packaging and, when not dealing with liquids, it effectively replaces plastic trays, with a consequent reduction on the material to be recycled and on the overall dimensions throughout the supply chain.

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