GMP= Good Manufacturing Practice

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What are GMPs?

GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice, constitute the set of operative procedures adopted to handle the process so to ensure compliance with the applicable regulatory and quality requirements to the actual legislative prescriptions for objects and materials destined to be in contact with food aliments.

The Regulation (EC) 2023/2006 introduces the novelty of control of the process: to get the guarantee required by Reg. 1935 it is essential the knowledge and the control of production activities which starting from the incoming raw materials allow to obtain finished products in compliance with current MOCA legislation.
It is applied to all areas and to all production stages, transformation and material distributions and objects, with exception of the production of starting substances.


What does Esseoquattro do?

We implemented specific procedures, integrated in our Quality system ISO 9001:2015 that convers all the establishment, from provisioning of raw materials, to the production, up to distributing our packaging.
This structure foresees:

  • team GMP: a set of company figures, with different roles, assigned to the application and control of established procedures;
  • staff training: training and continuous updating of haccp and gmp of our staff;
  • equipment and materials: cleaning plans and document control of equipment, production lines and environments;
  • drafting of HACCP manual;
  • production staff hygiene: implementation of a standard procedure and staff hygiene;
  • procedure and risk analysis: documented information system for all departments, danger and risk analysis;
  • registration and management of non-conformities followed by implementation of improvement actions respecting HACCP aspects;
  • management procedures of tracking and tracing;
  • continuous regulatory update to always be prepared!
In case of authority control?

The company has to demonstrate the implementation of Regulation 2023/2006 and so it is good to possess:

  • the documentation certifying the tracking and tracing system;
  • the documentation certifying the conformity of raw materials, and all the materials that enter the production process, to food contact;
  • test reports performed on finished products;
  • documentation certifying the implementation of an assurance and quality control system.

All this documentation has to be archived and always updated.

Failure or incomplete application of the Regulation can be sanctioned according to Legislative Decree n° 29 of December 2017, which establishes the disciplinary sanction regarding MOCA.
Article 6 of this decree introduces the obligation of businesses that deal with food packaging to communicate to the competent territorial health authority the establishments that perform the activities referred to in the Regulation 2023/2006.

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