The Olà Cone triumphs at Snacking D’Or 2024

Oops!… We did it again! Winning is not easy and repeating yourself is even harder, but we did it! For the second year in a row, Esseoquattro has won the prestigious international award Snacking d’Or by France Snacking.

This year we were awarded the Prix Spécial du Jury, in the Emballages category for our practical Olà Cone with The Rose Experience print.

The Olà Cone is a greaseproof paper product that is a practical and effective solution for fried and richly seasoned foods, both for street food and for serving finger food at events and catering in general. The Cones of the Rose are ideal for direct contact with all foods, are greaseproof, do not get stained and, another key feature of quality packaging, the heavy weight of the paper protects your hands from hot food.

Say goodbye to annoying grease stains!

Greaseproof Olà Cones are designed to hold single portions of fried street food products but they are also a great solution with a touch of originality for finger food at events with a buffet. Truly customer-oriented packaging, Olà Cones are designed to make a difference in terms of customer service – in addition to ensuring food safety, since Olà paper is suitable for direct contact with all foods, they also protect your hands and clothes from oil and grease stains. Flexible packaging that can replace plastic trays, another important feature, resulting in a significant reduction in overall space needed throughout the supply chain and, therefore, also in shipping.

“Winning such a prestigious award for two consecutive years is a source of great pride for us and confirmation that our work is going in the right direction. We have always tried to meet the needs of consumers, creating increasingly practical and high-performance products time after time, and continuously improving, especially in terms of food safety and sustainability. This recognition represents another great achievement for everyone in our tight-knit Rose Team,” said Silvia Ortolani, Sales Director at Esseoquattro.


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Cono antigrasso The Rose Experience
Cono antigrasso The Rose Experience
Cono antigrasso The Rose Experience