Esseoquattro for Feels like Prada

Not every war is fought using conventional weapons…
There are wars – or should we say guerrillas – that are fought using creativity as an arm to make you awe, thus they touch you so that you will remember that.

Thanks to Feels like Prada – the guerrilla marketing action conceived by the maison for Milan Fashion Week – Milan’s buildings have turned to the exclusive patterns of Prada’s autumn-winter 2021/2022 collection, creating an impressive & immersive experience.

And not just that.

On the days when Milan went back to being vibrant and frenetic, Prada’s lovely decorative motifs also became part of simple and daily activities, such as having breakfast or buying a baguette, giving a moment of unexpected wonder.

Indeed, thanks to the collaboration with the graphics design company Nava Press, Esseoquattro had the chance to recreate the coloured and vibrant textures of this iconic brand on hundreds of thousands of bags that were sent to bakeries and cake shops in Milan, Rome, Florence, Paris, London, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo – all selected for their genuine and high-quality products, which are so delicious that they can convey strong emotions.

“We worked to reproduce the textures on paper to recreate the incredible nuances, as well as the unique and refined geometric patterns. We solved some technical problems, because we wanted our bags for Prada to be simply perfect. We pushed as much as we could and – in a constant race against time – we managed to make the required quantities. Such an important experience – in collaboration with Nava Press – shows us once again that we should never stop dreaming: our Rose Team can reach any goal by working hard and proactively”, Silvia Ortolani, Sales Director, Esseoquattro

Two different types of Feels Like Prada Bags have been made:

  • Glisser, the greaseproof bag for bakery products – especially designed for special and very seasoned ones, croissants, and bakery products filled with creams.
  • Bate, the Wet & Weight Resistant Bag – designed for produce.

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