Wanderlust: thirteen different graphics for a series of collectable packaging

Wanderlust is a German term that means wandering spirit, passion for travel, desire to go elsewhere to discover new flavours and to meet new cultures.

Thus, travelling becomes a way to feel free and to be happy.

This form of freedom has unfortunately been lacking over the past year, when we have been forced into immobility and isolation as our only defence against the spread of the pandemic.

Creativity, however, cannot be bridled and the fantasy can’t be contained by physical borders: our mind can travel much further than our body.

This is where Wanderlust Collection comes from. Through the representation of the iconic skylines of the most beautiful cities in the world, allows you to travel even when you don’t have the chance to take your suitcase and leave. 

Paris, Barcelona, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Naples, San Francisco, London, Sydney are the first destinations created for Wanderlust, but they are soon to become more numerous.

Each skyline is paired with a different colour that will change over time, creating new prints to collect.

Moreover, each destination was matched with a quote on cuisine or good living, signed by a chef or a famous person from their country home. 

“Wanderlust’s graphic translates into the adventurous and creative spirit that characterizes the Rose Team. We don’t stop in front of any obstacle, and during this year of resilience, we had to give a strong signal, through a unique collection.” 

Valeria Ortolani, Marketing & Communication Manager, Esseoquattro

Recyclable and flexible packaging

In addition to the traditional brown kraft bags, Wanderlust Collection includes Olà greaseproof paper and bags.

Designed to replace the traditional paper straw and with the advantage of being suitable for direct food contact, Olà greaseproof packaging has the following technical features:

  • It doesn’t allow oil or grease to go through and avoids grease stains to be seen;
  • It keeps the food crispy and fragrant;
  • It can be used to reheat food in the oven, in the microwave, or on an electric hotplate;
  • It is a flexible packaging and, when not dealing with liquids, it effectively replaces plastic trays, with a consequent reduction on the material to be recycled and on the overall dimensions throughout the supply chain.

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