Have you already chosen the packaging for your leavened cake?

Ideabrill Bag 19 is the innovative packaging that best preserves leavened cakes, such as the artisan Panettone, an Italian traditional Christmas cake. It allows you to create elegant and original packages in a few minutes and it reduces the packaging costs too. Today, Ideabrill Bag 19 blends with three new Special Edition prints for Christmas 2020 that will enchant you at first sight!

Special Edition Christmas 2020

The search is over now! The right packaging to wrap your Panettone gourmet and all your leavened desserts is the Ideabrill Bag 19, in one of the new and very precious graphics created for Christmas 2020: Elegance, printed on a luxurious black kraft and Vernissage Passione, made on a natural brown support.

Both original and one of a kind, these graphics have very different styles to suit all tastes.

Elegance is characterized by refined geometric lines and it is available in two chrome variations: Dark Night in tone-on-tone and Rose Gold, in the delicate color of a precious metal.

The new print Vernissage Passione, on the other hand, is an explosion of joyful creativity, which combines the most characteristic color of the holiday season, the bright red, with a natural brown kraft, which enhances the craftsmanship of the product contained in it.

Much more than a traditional bag

Forget the classic packaging for bakery: the Ideabrill Bag 19 is an innovative, high-performance and multifunctional type of packaging.

  • The patented formula fresh-preserver Ideabrill preserves the aroma and the consistency of the Panettone for a longer time, as confirmed by the Camerino University tests.
  • It reduces packaging costs: being suitable for direct food contact, it avoids the use of plastic bags and it fulfils the role of secondary packaging because, thanks to its design and to its original printings, the cardboard box it’s not necessary anymore.
  • It increases the quality of the product perceived by the final consumer and it enhances its craftsmanship.
  • It is practical and versatile, because it allows to create elegant stylish wrappings in no time and with many different styles too. Watch the tutorials and discover them all!
  • Thanks to its practical open and close strip, the consumer can use it to store and preserve the leavened cake and eat it with no hurry.
  • At the end of its cycle of use you can easily separate the basic components of Bag 19, paper and treated film, so that both can be recycled.

Contact us now for more information on the Ideabrill Bag 19 for your leavened cake!