Here comes Wanderlust Babbo!

Here comes Wanderlust Babbo!

Our Rose Team is proud to present the new matchy Christmas 2022 selection – Wanderlust Babbo!

Our Santa Claus is coming in a new guise this year – he’s witty and even a little light-hearted.

Wanderlust Babbo, which was born from the creativity of our Graphics Office, is a curious traveller, a reckless snowboarder and – why not – a tropical beach tan lover, who does not disdain sipping a delicious cocktail!

However dutiful, Wanderlust Babbo has certainly not forgotten his sack of gifts, which he will distribute to children – of all ages – on Christmas Eve!

This Christmas 2022 special edition is in line with the Wanderlust Collection, a.k.a. the prints that were launched last year, which celebrate the beauty of travelling and the feeling of freedom that it brings by depicting the skylines of the world’s most beautiful cities.

And that is why, in 2022, when we finally regained the freedom to move and travel, it is Santa Claus himself who does not want to miss out on the opportunity of a nice holiday.

‘Our Rose graphics are truly unique, because we put all our passion, enthusiasm, and creativity in each of our references. Our packaging is designed to produce emotions, and this year we decided to add a bit of irony to our Christmas, to try to give a smile and lighten up a period that is difficult in many ways,’ Silvia Ortolani, Sales Director, Esseoquattro.

The creativity and attention given to always original prints adds to the technical features and performance of our Rose packaging.

The matchy Wanderlust Babbo selection includes different formats to meet the needs of both large-scale retail trade and normal trade: butchers, delis, bakeries, confectioners and fruit and vegetable shops.

Here are all the references included in the matchy Christmas 2022 selection:

  • Ideabrill wrapping and Freshpreserver bag for meat, cold cuts, and cheese
  • Olà grease-proof paper and bags are ideal for buttery and creamy desserts, sweet and salted fried food, and all seasoned and sauce-rich food;

For more information on the matchy Wanderlust Babbo selection, contact us now.