Wanderlust Christmas Edition

At certain times of the year, you are allowed to dream – more than during all other months. December, which brings Christmas holidays, is way too special not to be celebrated in your brand communication.

“Customer focus also means dedicating a special packaging for this time of the year, so that you can communicate all the magic of these times. That’s taking care of your customers, too – and that can make a difference in terms of loyalty”, Valeria Ortolani, Marketing & Communication Manager, Esseoquattro.

So, the  Wanderlust Collection  naturally evolved for the first time to a Wanderlust Christmas Edition depicting snowy landscapes in the Great North with a special main character, aka Santa Claus.

This collection consists of a full packaging range, so that all retail and large-scale retailing needs can be fulfilled:

  • Ideabrill fresh-preserving packaging for meat, cold cuts and cheese.
    The Ideabrill fresh-preserving formula preserves the organoleptic characteristics of your food, thus extending its shelf life – as confirmed by tests conducted by the University of Camerino’s Quality and Food Safety Group.
  • Greaseproof Oléane Line for specialty breads, fried and very flavoured foods. It’s perfect for your Deli, as well as for take-away and delivery;
  • Bate Wet-Resistant Bag, – specially designed for fruits & veg’s;
  • other traditional packaging.

“Wanderlust is a collection, but most of all a state of mind. It’s the meeting place between creativity and desire to communicate, which have always been our signature traits. Our enthusiasm never ends, and we still have a lot of stories to tell. That’s why I can already say that this Christmas series will be followed by many other exclusive prints very soon…that will make little ones very happy”, Silvia Ortolani, Sales Director, Esseoquattro

Through the Wanderlust collections, our Rose Team decided to describe travelling – that is a kind of freedom – along with imagination, because your mind knows no bounds and can take you to any place, which can be real or unreal, near or far, even when it’s not possible for you to pack your things and leave.

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