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The new consumer habits that matured during Covid-19 emergency are consolidating and for many consumers they are becoming indispensable.

According to the focus created by the Just East Italian observatory, over 90% of interviewed sample, stated that food delivery represented an important or essential service during the emergency and almost 60% of questioned Italians ordered food to be delivered at home during this period.

These purchasing behaviours, born out of necessity, have gradually entered not only the routine of the youngest people but also the one of the so-called Generation X (consumers from 39 to 60 years), and are destined to take root in the post Covid era.

If you are a chef, a restaurant, bar or a bakery owner you cannot miss this opportunity to relaunch your business!

Esseoquattro Food Delivery Line was projected just to satisfy today’s consumer needs: the packagings of the range are highly performant, multi-use, they guarantee a total food safety and they’re eco-friendly.

On top of being food contact suitable, Ideabrill bags, such as the Flavour Window Bag or the Fresh-Preserver Bag Plus, are heat-sealable to store and transport food with the maximum hygiene.

Bag 11 Ideabrill, on the other side, is equipped with a practical zip that guarantees an excellent sealing, even for fluids, with the additional plus of an open and close system.

From the beginning of Covid-19 emergency, consumers all over the world are becoming more and more aware of food waste.

97% of Italians declared of being susceptible to food waste, according to Future Food Institute 2020 Data.

An article recently published on Environment, Development and Sustainability confirmed that COVID-19 lockdown had a great impact also on Tunisian consumer awareness, attitudes and behaviours.

In particular, about 89% of respondents claimed to be aware of food waste, and the COVID-19 lockdown would impact for 93% of respondents, their waste levels, and for 80%, their grocery shopping habits.

The solution to food waste is the patented formula fresh-preserver Ideabrill, which, compared to the traditional food packaging, it preserves the organoleptic characteristics of fresh food for longer.

Moreover, in the case of Ideabrill Bag 19, special for leavened cakes, the fragrance and the deliciousness of desserts are assured up ‘till the last bite.

Esseoquattro Food Delivery line includes Oléane greaseproof packaging too, in natural Havana kraft that is suitable for direct food contact, it does not let the grease shine through and offers an advantage to the final consumer: it allows the food contained in the bag to be heated directly in a traditional oven, in a microwave or on a grill.

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