Bag 19 wins all the challenges!

Bag 19 outperforms the competition on traditional packaging from all points of view!

It’s about an innovative and ultra-performant packaging, projected specifically for preserving traditional leavened desserts such as panettone, colomba and Easter flat bread and all the other leavened desserts.

Thanks to the patented formula fresh-preserver Ideabrill, Bag 19 preserves the freshness and the consistency of the food for longer time, it preserves the deliciousness up ‘till the last bite.

It is practical and versatile, because it allows to make elegant stylish wrappings in no time.

The Bag 19 Ideabrill is suitable for direct food contact, therefore it fulfils the role of a primary packaging avoiding the use of a plastic bag and the use of a secondary packaging because thanks to its design and to its original printings the cardboard box it’s not necessary anymore.

And, in the Smart version with the practical handle it is perfect for transportation.

Look at the tutorials to see how to make it

Once home, then, thanks to its practical open and close strip, the consumer can use it to store the leavened cake and eat it with no hurry.

And at the end of its cycle of use, the bag 19 can be paper recycled (following ATICELCA 501 : 2019) to newly produce paper.

Bag 19 it’s simply… invincible!