With the new BonBon line, Spring has sprung!

The gloominess of winter is officially behind us and days full of light, colours and scents are ahead: it’s spring!

At Esseoquattro we decided to celebrate the blossoming of nature with a coordinated, exclusive multi-packaging line: a real BonBon!

The new BonBon line is characterised by pastel colours in three different variations – blue, pink and green – that are reminiscent of spring’s delicate floral hues, and was designed to provide everything you need for the packaging of patisserie and confectionery products, from chocolates, to petit fours, to leavened cakes in a practical, fast and stylish way.

In addition, BonBon packaging safeguards the texture and fragrance of all these sweet delights, with the guarantee of Ideabrill patented formula.

Discover all the products in the Bon Bon line

The co-ordinated BonBon set consists of the Zip & Strip innovative bags (Bag 13, Bag 19 and Bag 31) all made with the oval bottom that allows the bag to stand, and equipped with practical features that facilitate packaging.

To complete the BonBon patisserie and confectionery line is Ideabrill Fresh-Preserver wrapping, extremely versatile and practical, which can be use to package chocolate bars, pastry trays, petit fours, cream-filled pastries, or cookies.

Try the BonBon line to package Easter sweets

What better time than Easter to package your specialties with the new BonBon line, perfect for seasonal sweets?

Bag 19 is available in two different sizes, ideal for Easter Dove Cakes and focaccias of various weight; it is equipped with a practical strip closure to create beautiful, original packages in a few simple steps.

Bag 11, Bag 13 and Bag 31 are smaller and perfect for chocolate eggs.

Thanks to their zip closure they can be opened and closed as many times as you want, protecting the chocolate from external agents and thus maintaining all its delicious characteristics.

In addition to the zip, Bag 13 also has eyelets, which allow you to embellish the packaging with romantic, colourful bows and ribbons personalised with your logo.

And if you want to show off your handmade chocolates with their many different shapes, Bag 31 with its transparent window is really the best packaging for you.

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